Creating Confidence with Erika Cramer

170: Creating Confidence with Erika Cramer

Do you ever look at other people and think… damn, how did she get so confident? Or perhaps confidence is something you’re hungry to have but have no idea where to even begin.

Today, we’re talking with Erika Cramer, The Queen of Confidence, about building and creating your version of confidence, and spoiler alert… it doesn’t happen overnight.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Embodying your alter shego
  • Erika’s story: from trauma and adversity to healing and success
  • Creating confidence feels like shit, but you should do it anyway
  • The 5 C’s for creating confidence
  • Newsflash: it’s hard for everyone, not just you
  • The #1 thing that stops women from creating confidence
  • How to stop giving a fuck about what others think
  • The importance of confidence in business
  • Get out of your own way


Erika is an international confidence coach, inspirational speaker, author, and podcast host who has transformed her story of trauma and adversity into a journey of healing and success. Her raw, real, and unapologetic approach has inspired millions of women around the globe to reclaim their confidence and transform their lives. With a 7-figure global business supporting women, an award-winning podcast, and a Bachelor’s degree in psychotherapy underway, Erika is a powerhouse who is supporting women everywhere to take up space. Her story is proof that you can turn trauma into triumph and emerge stronger than ever before.



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“We did this whole process called, it’s like alter ego, but it’s alter shego, and my alter shego is the Queen of Confidence. … That’s who I aspire to be every day. But, I’m not her every day.”

“I thought confidence was the gold star, that once I’m confident, then I will be XYZ. And it’s like, no, it doesn’t guarantee that. It’s actually a horrible process that is really difficult. But you should do it anyway.”

“When we studied the most confident women, it was a practice, it looked kind of like a yoga practice, like a meditation. You don’t get good, you don’t get ‘meditated’. You’re never gonna reach ‘meditated’. … You are meditating, but there’s no end goal. So, there’s no I’m confident, you can’t say that. I can’t say I’m confident.”

“They the people that you look up to don’t think they’re good enough, the people that you look up to think that they’re messed up, and they’re not good enough. And there’s all kinds of stuff, but we think they don’t because we don’t know.”

“The number one thing that stops the women I see from creating confidence is they give too many fucks about what other people have to say about them. It freezes them, it costs them everything.”



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