169: Running a Profitable and Sustainable Business with Angie Noll

Money is one of those topics that either excites you or makes you want to hide under the covers. As a small business owner, building a healthy relationship with your money not only empowers you, but helps you to create and grow a sustainable business.

Today, we’re talking with Angie Noll about running a profitable business instead of “just getting by” and wondering where the cash is going.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Always honor yourself first
  • The importance of having visibility and clarity to your financials
  • First steps to get organized and embrace your numbers
  • Growing from solopreneur to having a team
  • A walkthrough of the Profit First method
  • Understand the basic financial terms you face as an entrepreneur
  • The power of KPIs, measuring what you do and sharing it with your team
  • Find your business’ Sweet Spot


Angie Noll is the owner of Reconciled Solutions where she and her team of bookkeepers, accountants, and Profit First advisors help small businesses find visibility and clarity to their financials. Angie knows how very arduous and difficult the journey can be toward running a profitable small business and avoiding entrepreneurial burnout and losing your sanity, so she is dedicated to helping high-achieving professional services-based firms advance toward financial stability and sustainability.



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“We’ll not go any further than the ability to understand our financials. That is a base point in being an entrepreneur”

“We work best when we’re not anxiety-ridden and when we’re not based in fear. So, we have to make sure that we are comfortable as owners, because we’ve taken a lot of risk to go out on our own and leave the safe W2 job, and we just have to own that and respect ourselves first.”

“If you’re the only one seeing the numbers or knowing what the goals are. How can you be on the right path if you don’t know what you’re looking for?”

“Rich people aren’t always happy people. They’re messed up just like poor people. It might give you more options to know how you’re going to rearrange things. But in the end, the happiness comes from within.”

“I think that honoring yourself is the highest form of payment.”



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