168: Empowered Rage with Vanessa Alfaro

How many times have you felt angered by something only to push it down or write it off? How many times have you wanted to rage out but decided that wasn’t acceptable and chose to bottle it up instead?

Anger is a primal and natural emotion that wants to be expressed, just as joy, sadness, and excitement do. When we learn to honor and safely express anger, we can free ourselves from the density that it holds in our minds and bodies.

Today, we’re talking with Anger and Communication Coach, Vanessa Alfaro, about honoring and releasing anger to transform your life and relationships.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Building awareness and giving yourself permission to feel are life-changing
  • The consequences of suppressing our emotions
  • How moving through and releasing your rage can be transformational
  • An overview of The Anger Algorithm, a lifelong tool to process rage
  • Verbally venting versus physically venting
  • Anger and rage are signals of something that needs healing
  • Safe and healthy ways to feel and express anger


Vanessa turned her rageful traumatic upbringing into what inspires her to do what she does today. While she was once ashamed of her rage, she now believes anger and rage are opportunities for deep transformational healing. She developed a revolutionary process that changed and saved her life – The Anger Algorithm. It was the solution to releasing the bottled-up rage she’d been carrying throughout her life and for years in her marriage. Her transformational results led her to work with anger and communication. She’s been a coach for 10+ years and uses The Anger Algorithm to help married women relieve bottled-up anger and resentment so they can skillfully navigate conflict and have empowered conversations.



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“That’s the thing that’s hard with personal growth and development, we are all suffering, we all have our problems, and we all want happiness. And so we’re chasing what’s going to make us happy, what’s this quick fix. When what I’ve discovered is, for me, and what I help my clients do, is just actually, let’s stop and pause and turn towards that thing that we are running from, and really look at it and love it and be with it and cry and do all those things with it.”

“I believe wholeheartedly that much of our depression, anxiety, physical diseases, everything is from us suppressing our emotions.”

“Anger and rage are actually protecting those most wounded places in us, where all of our patterns and strategies came from. So, when you start releasing it, you get closer to that wound, and you can heal that wound so that you can really change the behaviors and patterns that no longer serve you.”

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful tool, and it’s lifelong, you know, this. The other thing about The Anger Algorithm, and what I’ve embraced about myself is that I’m not trying to make my anger and rage go away, and that’s what I did for the better part of my life as I wanted to be rid of this part of me. And so it’s about embracing it.”



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