165: Emotional Empowerment with Tara Swann

When was the last time you allowed yourself to fully feel your emotions?

Have a good cry? Angry scream out some pain? Dance your face off? We’ve been conditioned to believe that feeling emotions is a bad thing and to tuck it away until it’s a more convenient and more acceptable time to handle our shit.

Today, we’re talking with Emotional Empowerment Coach, Tara Swann, about the power and importance of honoring and releasing emotions which allows us to step into emotional empowerment.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Tara overcame depression and anxiety by releasing her emotions
  • We can heal ourselves if we give our bodies what they need
  • How to start listening and reconnecting to your body
  • Making subtle shifts for radical change
  • What releasing your emotions can look like
  • Healing your emotions allows you to shift your beliefs and change your life
  • Emotions that you resist persist
  • We have a choice about how we feel every day


Tara Swann is an Emotional Empowerment Coach and a mum of two beautiful boys. Her main passion and purpose is to help others do what she did – transform anxiety, low confidence and self-doubt into lasting unconditional happiness and self-love. After transforming her own life through holistic health, mindset & mindfulness practices and emotional empowerment work, Tara couldn’t help but feel called to inspire others to do the same.



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“We don’t realize that we have a choice about how we feel every day, we really do get to wake up and choose again every single day. We can choose to nourish our bodies, we can choose to reconnect to our own power, reconnect to our own intuition, and give ourselves everything we need.”

“It is not your emotions that create suffering, it’s your resistance to those emotions that creates suffering. They are all fleeting if you allow them to be.”

“When we think about it, a lot of our emotions do stem from our childhood as well. And so being with that, and allowing your inner child to really be validated or heard and felt is really, really important.”

“We’re also we’re taught to go and seek help from other people. We don’t know that we can actually do this for ourselves and be there for ourselves. And we don’t realize how much power we actually hold.”

“If you’re falling into a state of sadness, you’re resisting the sadness itself.”



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