164: The Power of Decision with Allyson Chavez

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the amount of decisions you have to make? Or the weight of one or two big decisions? Indecision causes stress, anxiety, and overthinking – yet sometimes it feels easier to deal with those things than it does to trust what you deeply know or want.

Today, we’re talking to prosperity and success coach Allyson Chavez about the power of making decisions and how your feminine energy and innate “knowing” can help you achieve your goals.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What happens when you’re misaligned
  • Stop the “Yeah, but…” and fighting your dreams
  • Simple steps to start making decisions quickly and easily
  • The power of aligned decisions followed by inspired action
  • How your brain works and your decisions about the world
  • The importance of staying in alignment for long enough
  • Trust your heart over your head, it’s the decision maker
  • The fear of decisions is the failure


Allyson teaches women how to get phenomenal results with ease, bend time & space, achieve their goals without hustle or grind, & reshape their reality in feminine energy (no more constant pushing)! She is a sought-after speaker on mindset, prosperity, universal laws and success strategies. She is the bestselling author of The Prosperity Approach. Her work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and hundreds of television, newspaper, and magazine outlets. Allyson believes that challenge is necessary on your success journey – but the struggle isn’t! Her mission is to end the struggle and bring joy to the lives of millions of women around the globe.



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“Once I stopped waiting for somebody else to discover me, waiting for somebody else to tell me that I had the ‘it’ factor, waiting for somebody else to tell me ‘Yes, Allyson. You’re enough and we have a place on the stage for you right over here.’ I had to decide that first, and then work from there.”

“What I found the most profound thing about decisions, it’s really not decisions to do something is decisions about something, when you make a decision about how life actually works for you it makes it so much easier to make decisions to do something.”

“You want to know how I made almost a quarter of a million in six months? I did things that scared me, and it was so much easier than the push, and the hustle, and the grind, and the not-enoughness of before. It was amazing! Because I was in certainty and I was in surrender. That’s how you make it.”

“That physical manifestation of the money, or the clients, or the relationship, whatever, it’s just that physical evidence that I stayed aligned to what I wanted long enough for it to happen and I became that person.”

“The fear of decision boils down to the fear of failure and failure is not a big deal. Ever. Failure actually leads to the biggest blessings and the most money you’ll ever make.”



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