159: From HOW to WHO with Steph Tuss

159: From HOW to WHO with Steph Tuss

You’re trying to figure out HOW to grow your business. You need the help to grow but you need to grow to get the help. This is a vicious cycle that small business owners get stuck in.

Today, we’re talking with Steph Tuss about shifting your mindset and business actions from the HOW to the WHO.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Taking big risks: Steph’s $100,000 learning experience
  • The power of pre-selling to combat your resistance around sales
  • Shifting from the HOW to the WHO
  • Going from doing everything yourself to the magic of delegating
  • Opportunity costs, increasing your income, and your first hire
  • Look at your business like an elite sports team versus a family
  • How to have hard conversations
  • The importance of clearly communicating expectations


Steph is the CEO of multimillion-dollar global consulting company Life Is Now, Inc., and frequent stand-in co-host of Business Daily News’ top-ranked podcast – The Successful Mind. Steph discovered her love for teaching at a young age, beginning her career as an educator. From there, Steph went on to launch a holistic nutrition health practice where she hired Life Is Now founder, David Neagle, as her business coach. She sold her business at the age of 33 and joined Life Is Now, Inc. as the Director of Sales in 2009 before taking on the CEO role less than a decade later in 2016. As a recent empty-nester, she lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and cattle dog, Jack. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling the country in her Airstream.



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“You don’t have to do it alone. You can ask people for advice. And there are people willing to help you, there are people out there that know way more than you do, and you can leverage their mistakes so that you don’t have to make a $100,000 mistake.”

“Why should I pay someone to do something that I can do myself, right? And the flip from how to who is just about letting other people in so that you can leverage either their abilities or their knowledge. That’s it, and people resist it like crazy.”

“A lot of people resist delegating and hiring because they feel like they have to have it figured out first. It’s kind of like paying the person to come clean your house, but before they get there you go and clean everything up so that they don’t think that you’re a slob, right?”

“Now, if you’re in a place where you’re completely at capacity and you don’t have the money to hire someone, you need to raise your prices. That’s not a hiring problem, that’s a value problem because you should not ever be at capacity and not have the money to hire a team.”



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