158: 5 Keys to Hustling Sanely with Jess Massey

Are you caught in the never-ending cycle of overwhelm, burnout, and exhaustion?

You know the feeling – you go to bed thinking how much you’ll get done tomorrow, how great that new exercise routine is going to feel, or how productive your day is going to be…. And then it happens. The to-do list piles up. You’re pulled in 100 directions, and before you know it, it’s been another day with ZERO self-accomplishment.

Today, we’re talking with Productivity Expert Jess Massey about prioritizing your mental health while living a peacefully productive life. How? Through Jess’s 5 keys to hustling sanely.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Jess broke away from the unhealthy burnout cycle she was in
  • There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to productivity
  • Hustle seasons and what hustling sanely is all about
  • Hustle Sanely 5: five daily habits to weave into your life
  • The 5 Keys to Hustling Sanely: what they look like in action 
  • Tips to implement these things and take back ownership of your life
  • The importance of “putting your own mask first”


Jess is the host of The Hustle Sanely Podcast, a planner creator, and the founder of the community-centered productivity brand Hustle Sanely®. She uses The 5 Keys to Hustling Sanely to teach busy women how to release overwhelm and prioritize their mental health & relationships as they pursue their goals. From adopting a positive mindset to getting clear on your vision, to prioritizing your tasks and creating a schedule that honors your energy, Jess covers it all and is passionate about helping you create your most peacefully productive life.



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“I think that is such a huge piece of being a truly productive human is knowing who you are, knowing where you are, and knowing where you want to go. And being able to find a system that kind of fits the bill for all of those things.”

“​​I think that if anything ever feels too big or just daunting for you to do, pick a small piece and then make that piece even smaller if you need to. I think you know which we’ve all heard this before, but small changes over time. That’s what changes your life.”

“When you’re operating as your healthiest self like, that pours out into everybody around you.”

“Recognizing life is wild, life is crazy. It’s probably always going to be in some capacity. But you have the power to go within and show up how you want to show up.”



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