157: Find Happiness Through Your Vagina with Naomi Gale

What does your vagina have to do with happiness? Besides the obvious – your vagina plays an incredibly powerful role in your life (and in your business).

Today, we’re talking with TikTok’s favorite vagina-focused guide, Naomi Gale, about finding and unlocking happiness through your vagina so you can start loving life once again.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Naomi’s empowering journey from school teacher to TikTok vaginologist
  • Moving out of the shame and taboo around our vaginas
  • Working with your roots so you can bloom into all that you are
  • A walk through the massage to connect back into your body
  • Painful sex and lack of orgasms: why you may be experiencing this and some solutions
  • How working with your vagina can help you grow and succeed as a business owner


Naomi is a global leading vaginologist, teacher, guide, speaker, podcaster, and creator. She is a trauma-informed, somatic focused root healing mentor here to guide souls back into their body, connecting them back into themselves and the great mother so they can bloom into all that they are. From getting sticky with it on all things discharge, understanding your cycle, and removing the pain holding you back from penetrative sex, Naomi will guide you to transform your relationship with yourself and others.



Listen to my conversation with Naomi over at her podcast Fanny Chat with Naomi Gale here.

Naomi was featured in Cosmopolitan, check it out: ​​The vulva positivity movement is here to save your sex life.

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“You’re fed this information and it pushes you out of alignment with everything that you want, right? Because you’re scaremongered out of everything that you want, made to feel like there’s nothing else for you nowhere else to go, nobody else out there who can help you.”

“This shame just seeps into every aspect,  your sexual relationships, with feeling empowered within our own bodies. I personally believe unless we’re working with our roots, we can’t feel empowered through our whole body through our whole system if we’re literally ignorant.”

“If [your vagina is] tight, and it’s holding on, it’s bracing itself for something crap to happen. We can’t go through life bracing ourselves. We all know that we have to move with the flow of life in order to allow the flow to happen. So, if your vagina is bracing In itself, then that’s probably what’s happening in daily life.”

“What happens is that when you’re in relationships and you’re having sex it can often feel painful. It doesn’t have to be enough pain for you to be screaming out. We’re talking like, just if it’s not pleasurable, then it’s not right.”



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