156: Pursuing Your Dreams When It Feels Impossible with January Donovan

When was the last time you stopped and asked yourself, what do I want? Women all around the world are living in routine expectations with the hopes of getting to the end of the day so they can rest. But where is the aliveness in your soul? What are you putting up with that no longer serves you?

Today, we’re talking to January Donovan, founder of The Woman School, about pursuing your dreams even when it feels impossible.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The distinction between goal setting and dreaming
  • Stop systematically skating over the deepest desires
  • 3 factors stopping women from living the life they want
  • 3 things to start moving the needle toward the life you want
  • 2 simple exercises to get rid of comparison and competition
  • The importance of learning the skills to stop just getting by
  • Your value is unconditional and it never changes


January is a mother of eight and a business owner, is fierce about integrating business and motherhood. She teaches that professional dreams cannot be separated from personal dreams; in order to be fulfilled, they must be integrated. With this bold vision, she created The Woman School to help women design who they want to become.



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“What we teach in The Woman School is that you pursue that dream, but you have to design it […] It has to be intentional, because what good is it to achieve the world and lose parts of who you are?”

“Training, to me, is a secret ingredient to women actually living a life that is fulfilling. If you want that beautiful career where you wake up and you’re inspired, you need to train up for it.”

“Investing in yourself is investing in the people that you love. Not investing in yourself is risking the people that you love. Because if you’re not fulfilled, and you don’t know what you want, guess what? You lash out at your kids, your children, your coworker, your mom, whatever.”

“My value never changes. If I’m a good mom or a bad mom, I’m a good wife or a bad wife, my boss yells at me or not. If I make $2,000 or a million dollars. It’s not that you don’t chase the right things, the things that you love, but you chase it with the right motive behind it. That gives you freedom, not enslaves you. The means have to justify the end.”



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