155: Going from a Hobby to Scaling Business with Leah Yahyavi

Do you have a hobby that is starting to feel more like a business?

Or perhaps you’re ready to take the leap and make your hobby your full-time gig… That can come with a lot of questions and uncertainties. But it can also come with a lot of excitement and planning.

Today we’re chatting with Leah Yahyavi from Lagoon Designs on how she scaled her handmade hobby into a viral, ever-growing full-time business.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to know when to make your hobby into a business
  • Squirrel syndrome and releasing what isn’t aligned
  • Designing the life you want and having your own version of success
  • Taking your online eCommerce business to brick and mortar
  • The mindset behind scaling a handmade business
  • How to know if an idea is worth pursuing
  • Leah’s tips to harness the power of social media and brand ambassadors


Leah is the creative & founder of Lagoon – a sustainably made swimwear label focused on custom fits. At the age of 19, Leah was attending college by day and growing her direct-to-consumer e-commerce swimwear label by night. After graduation, she attended weekly markets to sell her products and learned how to reach new people organically. Fast forward 7 years, a handful of viral TikTok videos, and her successful ambassador program, Leah has grown her handmade business with her loyal and organic online community while sticking to her core values of creating quality, customized, and sustainable swimwear.



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“You obviously need help to grow. You need help. You cannot do it alone and that is something that I resisted for a long time. But there’s different ways where you can get help. You don’t have to hire a huge team if you don’t want to.”

“At the end of the day, it’s just what works for you. Just don’t listen to what you should do or what you need to do, just listen to yourself.”

“Just because you start a business doesn’t mean that it has to take over every aspect of your life. Yes, it takes up a big chunk of your time. I mean, that’s how you’re making a living, but it doesn’t have to be the ruler of your life. It doesn’t have to make the rules for you.”

“What is the worst thing that can happen? Okay, I will lose a bunch of money, then I’ll just maybe go get a job somewhere else. I don’t know. That’s the worst thing that will happen. But the best case scenario is it’ll work out. Sometimes you just have to take that risk with yourself.”



TikTok: @lagoondesigns

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Website: lagoondesigns.com



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Website: LauraAura.com



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