154: Shifting your Subconscious with Krishna Avalon

Do you ever feel like you’ve done the work yet continue to end up in the same types of situations over and over again? How can I have done SO MUCH WORK yet end up back in the same scenario?

What if I told you that your subconscious mind has a lot (if not all) to do with that.

Today, we’re talking with Subconscious Transformation Guide and Business Coach Krishna Avalon about shifting your subconscious thoughts so that you can break the cycle and feel empowered as the creator of your life.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What working on your subconscious and expanding your beliefs can do for you
  • Learning to put your energy where it actually matters as an entrepreneur
  • What you can do on your own to work with your subconscious
  • Rerouting the grooves in your mind and expanding your beliefs
  • What to do to move through difficult moments 
  • The simple and effective Goal Statement Balance in the Psych-K process


Krishna has coached over 26k clients to become their best and most empowered versions of themselves through a simple + unique process of transforming the subconscious mind. An acupuncturist and guide for 18 years, her work has currently expanded into subconscious transformation coaching, which can be used for life, business, relationships, and wellness.



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“We don’t know what our beliefs are, we know what our conscious mind beliefs are. Like, we know we want love. We know we want a career that is inspiring. We know we want healthy relationships. But if the subconscious believes that you’re only worthy or deserving of this much of that, that’s what you’re going to keep repeating over and over.”

“As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned to put my energy where it actually matters. And it’s always been about fine-tuning and taking my own frequency. And then that is a broadcast, and people will fill out my schedule.”

“The subconscious and the nervous system’s job is to seek that information out to reinforce our beliefs. It doesn’t matter if your beliefs are true or not. Or if they’re contracted and limited, or if they’re expanded, that’s their job is to reinforce your belief, to keep you safe, and to keep you right.”

“Even when it feels like shit. Nurture yourself. Ask yourself what you need. Don’t always be looking for it from the outside world. Like, what can you give to yourself right now? However seemingly small, you’re showing yourself love.”

“It’s not necessarily about taking more on and that’s a lot of what the subconscious work does is. It’s just getting you back into who you are, letting go of the programs that have been very limiting and self-sabotaging.”



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