148: Give Creativity Space to Breathe with Kate Carman

Are you running your business with ease and enjoyment, or do you find yourself procrastinating, getting anxious, and trying to fill your hours with tasks that keep you busy?

Creativity is an energy and it needs space to breathe – when it’s forced, it shuts down.

Today, we’re talking about embracing a slow-business mentality while giving creativity the space it needs to thrive.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The recent major shifts in the landscape for creative small businesses
  • What leaning into your feminine energy and slow business looks like
  • The importance of regularly pausing, reassessing, and bravely changing what doesn’t feel right
  • Everyone is creative, it’s about exploring ways that you can bring that out
  • You are allowed to grow and change your business as you grow and change
  • What slow business is really all about
  • Creativity needs time to breathe so give yourself permission to pause
  • Recognizing the cycles of your creativity and how to support it


Kate Carman is the Founder & Creative Director of Studio Wilding, a full-service digital design studio in Melbourne, Australia that creates heartfelt branding, packaging, and website design for purpose-driven brands. She is an advocate for conscious creativity and is passionate about empowering fellow creatives with the knowledge, resources, and inspiration to realize and achieve their business goals and dreams. Kate applies elements of slow living and mindful design to everything she does because creativity needs space to breathe (and so do we).

NOTE: Since recording this episode, Kate put what we talked about into practice and shook things up in her business. She changed the name from Rabble Rouse, which you’ll hear mentioned in the episode, to Studio Wilding.



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“We can’t be on all of the time. But there is, in the traditional business sense, that masculine energy, that hustle culture, that’s kind of what’s been expected of us and that’s what we’ve been trying to work towards and it’s not working.”

“Everyone is creative. Everybody on the planet is creative, whether they think it or not. Creativity is not just limited to artists, and designers, and musicians… Everyone has a creative streak within them.”

“It’s never just kind of too late to shake things up. Like, if you’ve changed and evolved, don’t just keep doing the things you’ve been doing because that’s what you’ve established and that’s what’s expected of you. You have permission to change your business and to do business the way that you want in the way that’s going to best serve you and your customers.”

“Creativity isn’t a linear process. It’s not an A to B straight line, it zigs and zags, and swells, and all kinds of stuff. The process to get there is like traveling, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”

“It’s very easy to get into that cycle of just keeping busy with the small tasks, but those small administration, bottom-level tasks in your business aren’t going to be the things that move the needle.”



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