146: How to Monetize Your Podcast with Anne Claessen

146: How to Monetize Your Podcast with Anne Claessen

One of the biggest questions I get when I tell people I run a podcast is… how do you get paid? Monetizing a podcast can feel daunting, especially if you don’t want to turn your show into one big ad and fear that you don’t have enough downloads to justify getting paid.

I’m chatting with Podcast Monetizing expert Anne Claessen on five ways to monetize your podcast – so if you have a show or are thinking about launching one – today’s episode is for you!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Anne followed her gut, took a risk, and now does what she loves
  • What it takes to continue podcasting past the first 7 episodes
  • Practical ways to monetize your small podcast audience
  • It’s your podcast, you get to do what you want with it
  • Best practices for the 3 different types of podcast ads
  • Tips to promote your own services or products in your podcast
  • Sponsorships, their benefits for everyone and how to navigate them
  • How to grow your podcast exponentially

After finishing her Law Degree and MBA in 2018, Anne knew that she didn’t want to spend 80 hours working a corporate job. So, she left her home country, backpacked South East Asia, and worked a handful of crappy jobs in Australia and knew there had to be a way to travel and make money. She now runs The Podcast Babes, helping podcasters use their podcast strategically, make passive income, and increase their impact, all while traveling the world, working from her laptop.



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“Is [podcasting] for everyone? I think it can be beneficial for everyone. For every business, it can be very beneficial to have a podcast, but I think it really needs to fit your personality and you need to commit.”

“I think the real magic in podcasting happens when you’ve been doing it for a year or longer.”

“If you cannot monetize your small audience. Why do you think you can monetize a bigger audience?”

“The cool thing about monetizing a podcast is you can combine all the strategies. […] Start with one now and then once that is up and running, it’s all working well, and you see your audience growing, then you can always add another strategy later.”

“Especially in these first episodes, you want to give value first. […]  you want to give [your audience] so much value that they’re hooked, that they want to come back for more content.”



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