145: Building Confidence with Gayle Petrillo

You’re excited about a new idea… you write down all the details, talk to a few trusted people about it, and are ready to bring it to the world… then your mind kicks in. Can I do this? I’m sure someone else has done this better than I can. What if no one likes working with me?

Learning how to quiet the negative voices and boost your confidence is the key to moving forward, and today we’re going to talk about how to do just that with Author, Speaker, and Coach from First Impressions, Gayle Petrillo.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Gayle’s truly inspiring life story and entrepreneurial journey 
  • The power of vulnerability and knowing you’re not alone
  • Ways to quiet the negative voices in the back of your head
  • Giving yourself grace and permission to put yourself first and do what
  • Being fully present and fully authentic are key for making a good first impression
  • Being prepared is the foundation of your confidence
  • Tips to improve your networking skills
  • People want to relate to you and they want to see you succeed
  • Pointers for dressing with confidence

First Impressions is an image consulting and coaching firm helping clients present their best first impressions on paper, in person, and on screen. From resumes that stand out, to conducting mock interviews, body language, and wardrobe shifts, Gayle helps people increase their self-confidence and land their dream jobs.



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“I’m just so grateful that people now hearing my story feel the confidence to share their story because that’s how we heal. We heal by sharing our story. I know I’m healing because I’m sharing mine.”

“We never get a second opportunity to make that all-important first impression. And so when we feel confident in what we’re wearing, what we’re speaking, who we’re meeting, we are better able to make that first impression the best one that we can.”

“Having self-confidence means you have the courage and are able to acknowledge that you need someone to support you in that very second. And that’s okay.”

“The first impression people want to see is the authenticity that you bring to the room, to the table, to the screen.”

“You can be as prepared as you can be, but sometimes you’re just not and things still cross your path. And as long as you are you, you can make a lot of magical things happen.”



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