144: How to Get on Podcasts with Noémi and Gabor

Have you ever considered sharing your story, knowledge, or life lessons on a podcast but aren’t sure where to begin? 

Today’s episode with Noémi and Gabor from Podcast Connections walks you through some best practices when you decide to research and pitch your message to podcast hosts.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Noémi and Gabor’s joint entrepreneurial journey
  • How they navigate being married and working together
  • Having a niche shouldn’t stop you from working with those outside of it 
  • The powerful impact and great benefits of being on podcasts
  • The steps and process for being a guest on a podcast show
  • The best practices for reaching out and pitching to podcast hosts
  • Remember to not take the no’s personally
  • Recommendations for getting on more widely known podcasts

Noémi Beres and Gabor Kazai, husband and wife of 23 years, are the owners of the Podcast Connections. They help entrepreneurs and business owners find their target audience and build more brand awareness with interviews, establish authority and increase trust in their niche so they can share their knowledge and connect them to quality podcast shows.



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“I think one of the most important things is that [podcasts are] evergreen content. So it’s going to be there, it’s going to stay in Google. And whenever, you know, someone will type your name into the search engine, they will find you even after years after years.”

“Not to be just like a go-getter from those podcasts and be a go-giver when you go to a podcast and try to share as much as you can with the audience and with the host.”

“[It] comes back to doing the homework, right? Like, if you’ve not even looked at the last five or 10 shows that they’ve aired and they’re already talking about what you’re talking about it, it kind of shows that you’re not paying attention.”

“Focus on your intention, not the outcome. […] with a good intention, you want to bring a great topic, a great show, a great interview. That’s what you want to do and other than that, it’s maybe not that important.”



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