143: Shifting from Sales to Service with Liz Dederer

You’re amazing at what you do – so great that you probably don’t even know the impact that you have on others. But getting people to pay for that awesomeness or sign up for the thing you’re doing? Crickets. How can I be so helpful yet so underpaid and undiscovered? What do I charge? How long should I work with people? And what the hell is a funnel?

If this sounds like you, today’s episode with Liz Dederer is going to be pivotal as we talk about shifting from sales to service so you can receive consistent clients and payments.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Liz’s 20-year entrepreneurial journey and its origins
  • The necessary mindset shift of seeing everyone as already being a client
  • Protect yourself from yourself through systems, processes, and tools
  • The formula and tips for a “perfect” sales conversation (80%, 15%, 5%)
  • Nurturing your network and the Conversation Creation Challenge
  • Breaking down the steps you need to get the results you want
  • The power of structure
  • 5 simple steps to creating a high-touch but low-tech boutique service business


A 20-year, 5-time entrepreneur and advocate for women and social justice, Liz empowers women to make money and create change. By simplifying systems and streamlining sales, her flagship business development program, The Sales School For Entrepreneurs, teaches a proven “business-in-a-box” client enrollment system so a solo service provider can experience their first of forever 5-figure months. As President of her chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), she is a leading voice advocating for women in business both locally in Florida and at a national level.



Join Liz Dederer’s Conversation Creation Challenge – The Conversation Creation Challenge is a proven, low-tech, high-touch process for Small Business Owners, Coaches, and Service-based Solo-preneurs to nurture a network that will create your 1st of forever 5-figure months!

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“I literally never self-identified as a salesperson because it wasn’t about the sale for me. It was ‘How can I help this person?’”

“Oh, but everyone’s got it together. No, they don’t, no, one day, every two weeks is probably you’re operating at like close to peak performance. So you got to figure out how to ride that wave.”

“My most successful clients look like shit online, but their bank accounts are glorious. And I’d much rather have that. Right? Because they’re having meaningful human quality connections behind the scenes.”

“Structure is what is going to allow you to continue to be creative. Water cannot flow on an open surface, it needs walls, it needs containers. Creativity craves structure.”



LinkedIn: Liz Dederer

Website: sellingwithservice.com



TikTok:  @thatlauraaura

Instagram: @thatlauraaura

Website: LauraAura.com



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