130: Managing Your Numbers as A Creative Entrepreneur with Jessica Blasingame

If you’re a creative entrepreneur who wants to better understand and manage your finances, this episode is for you. 

The creative brain often struggles with systemized tasks like accounting. As a creative, I’ve learned that numbers don’t have to be dry and boring – you can infuse your creativity into your financial strategy.

Today we’re talking to Jessica Blasingame, a CPA who specializes in financial services for creative entrepreneurs, about managing your numbers using a holistic approach.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to take a holistic approach to finances
  • How to handle your finances as a creative
  • The 4 recurring challenges creatives face with their finances
  • The best tools to keep up with your numbers
  • Where to start if you want to manage your numbers better
  • How much to pay yourself
  • How to create your pricing structure and your business forecast


Jessica founded Beam Financial Group after working a corporate accounting gig that eventually took a toll on her health. She initially left accounting altogether and worked as a certified health coach and yoga teacher. She came full circle when her clients started asking her about their business finances. She decided to pivot her business back to accounting and bookkeeping. This time, exclusively helping creative service providers with a holistic approach. 



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“There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for every business owner.”

“I think it’s important for business owners to take baby steps to start getting some systems in place – or a financial process in place – that works for them. So that they’re starting to understand the numbers behind their business.”

“You have to have the proper system and process in place. And then once that starts to fall in place, you feel more in control.”

“There is freedom in the structure.”

“When you have the systems and processes in place or the tools in place, you feel empowered, and you know what you’re looking at. That opens up limitless creativity.”

“You need to see your profit […] you have to know how much your business is making before you know how much you can distribute to yourself.”



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