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115: Four Strategies to Attracting More Clients with Henriette Danel

You’ve done it all… you’re posting on social, have downloaded all the freebies you can get your hands on, and have probably even invested in a course or two.

You know you’re capable of working with great clients and know that people invest in high-value coaches all the time – yet something is missing.

Today, we’re talking with Henriette Danel about the four strategies she’s created to attract more clients – which are magnetized to you and what you offer.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What self-development means for entrepreneurs
  • Why it is important to figure out your ideal client
  • The four strategies to attract clients
  • Why you should be clear about who you want to attract in business


Henriette is a Strategic Business Coach working with Professional Female Entrepreneurs to help them attract high-paying clients continuously.

After working in the Interior Design Industry for almost 15 years, she decided it was time to do what she always aspired to do, become an entrepreneur. By saying yes to herself, she discovered her love for podcasting and public speaking.




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“The struggle was really figuring out what I wanted to do but at one point, I realized what my strengths were. ”

“We are all still on a road of discovery so why would we be worried about what other people think?”

“If you are not out there, then you are not becoming more visible, then your clients ain’t seeing you. ”

“People will only buy from you once they feel understood, not when you feel understood.”

“It’s not about adding on, it’s about taking what you have and enhancing it.”

“Nothing is going to happen if you don’t try.”



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