103: Messaging that will make you millions with Dr. Darnyelle Harmon

103: Messaging that will make you millions with Dr. Darnyelle Harmon

The idea of being a millionaire or multimillionaire used to be such a stretch of the mind – and let’s be honest, for the few and far between female business owners.

But the tables have shifted. Women all around the world are stepping up to say, this is possible.

Being a millionaire starts with believing that you are worthy to receive it and then backing it up with systems and messaging to support your soul.

Today, we’re talking with Dr Darnyelle Harmon about messaging that will make you millions – get your pen and paper ready!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Grace and ease vs. hustle and grind
  • What was Darnyelle’s previous money mindset and what shifted for her?
  • Advice to people who are currently facing bankruptcy
  • Embracing your CEO mindset
  • Darnyelle talks about ‘messaging to make you millions’
  • Why you sometimes need to ‘go against the grain’ and ‘ruffle a few feathers’ in business
  • Some suggestions to someone who are currently feeling a little lost in their messaging
  • What do you find is typically the missing factor when someone is doing all the things, putting out all the content, but not seeing it convert to sales?

Darnyelle is the award-winning CEO of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, a multi-million dollar coaching and consulting brand. 

Best known for transforming audiences from the moment she opens her mouth, Darnyelle equips her audiences with strategies to leverage and scale their businesses with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind. 

Committed to growing companies financially and spiritually, Darnyelle shares her MOVE to Millions framework so others increase their income and impact to and beyond the million-dollar mark.




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“And eventually you realize that money is an energy that’s here all the time, and you can create it whenever you want, and that it’s your birthright – which is contrary to everything you’ve ever known.”

“Your money will always match your belief. So if you believe that it’s hard to make money, if you believe there’s never enough money, then everything that shows up in your life will be based on that belief.”

“You are not your finances. They are mutually exclusive.”

“Your worth has nothing to do with the amount of money you possess – your worth was already established before you were formed in your mother’s womb.”

“It’s over. Forgive yourself. Stop giving your past permission to speak. Move on to what’s next, and what’s best and what’s waiting for you, which will open up a greater paradigm to be able to see and appreciate money for what it is, a tool and energy that you can use.”

“You are not an employee of your company, you are the owner of the company. So that means you don’t get paid like an employee, you don’t work like an employee, you work like you own it.”

“At some point in time you’ve got to shift your vantage point; you got to stop running your business from your vantage point and start running it from your vision point.”

“Every solopreneur is holding fast to the title solopreneur because they think they have to do it themselves. And they think they can’t afford to hire, but they can’t afford to hire if they keep charging what they’re charging right now!”

“We’re programmed to notice differences, so your messaging has to be different. If you’re saying the same thing every other person who technically does what it is that you do is doing, that is why you’re not getting traction.”

“You can be doing all of the things but if deep down inside you don’t believe that you’re worthy of it – it ain’t happening!”



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