102: Creating systems to grow your finances with Chelsea Clarke

You know we talk a lot about money on The Gutsy Podcast – primarily because most of us have been taught that it’s hard to come by or that you must bust your ass to receive it.

But we also talk about money because there are two key elements that I want you to embrace: first, that money is energy and what you believe to be true about it will become your reality and second, that you must have systems in place to grow your finances.

Today, we’re bringing the two together, and to share her story and expertise, we have Chelsea Clarke.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why we NEED to talk about money
  • What is lifestyle freedom and what does it mean to Chelsea?
  • Why money can buy happiness in a way
  • What was Chelsea’s money mindset before starting her business, and then what switched for her?
  • Two really helpful systems that new businesses can put in place to help them grow their monetization?
  • What is blog monetization and how can you do it too?
  • What is the most actionable step our listeners can take to grow their business this year?
  • What is a customer journey and how did Chelsea perfect hers?
  • Some recommendations on monetizing a podcast

Chelsea is a business strategist, investor, business broker, and the founder of entrepreneurship blog, podcast and school, Her Paper Route where she specializes in blog monetization and website investing. 

Chelsea clawed herself out of $30,000 debt in less than two years and went from a waitress earning $11 an hour, struggling in the most expensive city in the country to growing her company to over half a million dollars in less than 3 years.

She has helped a community of over 200,000 entrepreneurs increase their financial fitness and make more paper and has been a guest on The Blogger Genius and featured in Authority Magazine, Business Insider and CNBC Grow.




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To learn more about Chelsea’s courses head to go.herpaperroute.com/courses/



“Money is everywhere when you really have a plan to make it come to you.”

“So I do want to say that to anyone who’s thinking of maybe quitting their job: sometimes you just have to take that chance – give yourself the chance.”

“I can say that money does in a way buy happiness because it removes that stress of having to struggle and the unknown of how you’re going to make it through the month.”

“Being able to provide for my family and make investments and have savings and save up for my baby when he wants to go to school you know, things like that, that’s not something to be ashamed of – that’s something I want to strive for and work for and be able to do and then feel good about it.”

“You don’t have to have a big ad spend. And you know, your first year, even your first couple years, there’s so many ways to do organic marketing”

“There is nothing wrong with asking for some help – and it doesn’t have to be expensive.” 

“Because you can sort of have that creative outlet, but it could also generate income – it can be a business without feeling like it’s totally connected to your career.”

“But really it’s about them being in your community and feeling like they’re really part of what you are building.”

“I think that if you just start building it from that place where you truly do want to help your people and help your community, you really will help them and then you really will make those sales, because you’re being genuine, and you’re creating great content that really does help people.”

“You don’t have to have everything in place from the get go. Building systems in your business, building funnels, automations, all these types of things that help you stay organized and help your customers enter into your products and things like these are things that you can build over time.”



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