101: Feeling beautiful, inside and out with Danielle Doan

101: Feeling beautiful, inside and out with Danielle Doan

Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes.

Over the years, the beauty industry has defined what it means to be beautiful which has led to a decline in self-worth, self-image, and confidence.

But we live in an empowering time where women are taking their Powerback® and standing up for their own unique brand of beauty – themselves.

Today, we’re talking about feeling beautiful, inside the mind of mental health and outside with our physical confidence.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s okay to grow out of your old comfort and into something new
  • How Danielle worked through negative pushbacks from loved ones during her entrepreneurial journey
  • Why there is power in the pause
  • The importance of discovering your why
  • How does Danielle empowers and encourages women to feel confident in themselves
  • The importance of honoring your inner voice and feelings
  • That you don’t have to meditate in the same way that everyone else does (this is your permission to meditate differently!)
  • Advice to women struggling with their beauty (both inside and out)

Danielle Doan is the founder of Paradise Artistry, an eyelash extension business. She is 27 years old who transitioned into the business industry in October 2019. She has a voice for self-development and high-performance growth and is passionate about helping other women gain confidence through empowerment and the law of attraction.




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“I feel that confidence, is like you said, it comes from the inside rather than the outside.”

“It’s not about what you wear anymore or what is in fashion, the trend now. It’s more about what am I going to do to be better with myself, my values, my strength, my weakness as an individual – that’s the beauty now”

“And it’s okay to also want things at different stages of your life…”

“​​And I think it’s important to actually examine the reasons why you’re doing a certain thing. And it’s important to listen to what your mind is telling you.”

“There is always a solution to everything that you’re facing.”

“Working on your mindset is really important because who you view yourself as, is who you are.”

“It’s all about clarity – self-confidence comes from that.”

“Your voice comes first before anybody else’s. And I had to learn how to talk to myself.”

“I had a hard time sitting still, so I had to learn how to meditate in a different way that will not make me feel uncomfortable. And for me, it was for me to move…”

“It is okay to feel what you’re feeling – never look down on your emotions.”



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