100: Creating a Rebellious Message With Michelle Mazur

100: Creating a Rebellious Message With Michelle Mazur

You know you wanna speak up more in your business – it’s always on the tip of your tongue. But will it push people away? 

Are you “too much” or “too bold”? Are you going to lose all your clients if you start to write and speak how you really want to?

Today, we’re talking about creating and using a rebellious message – one that attracts your dream clients and encourages you to take your Powerback® in your voice.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The art of saying ‘Yes’ and figuring it out later
  • What is an audacious breakthrough and how does Michelle help her clients create it?
  • What is messaging and why is it a really foundational piece of business?
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes that Michelle sees in messaging?
  • Advice to people who are stepping into a bolder and edgier version of themselves
  • Why Michelle wants to know ‘what ticks you off and what you’re gonna do about it?’
  • What is the three-word rebellion framework?
  • Tips to creating an impactful bio that is an alternative to the ‘I help x do y so they can z’
  • How creating that one-of-a-kind message helps to really eliminate the noise?
  • Why your words are so powerful!

Michelle Mazur is a messaging expert who works with brilliant business owners who are shaking things up but having trouble talking about it.

She combines the tools of successful social movements with the qualitative research skills she earned in her Communications PhD to help them craft their powerful, captivating message.

The author of the 3 Word Rebellion, host of the Rebel Uprising podcast and featured in Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Inc., she knows that speaking about what you do in a clear and captivating way is the key to reaching the people you could help the most and making more money in your business.



Michelle’s book, 3 Word Rebellion

Listen to the Rebel Uprising podcast with Dr Michelle Mazur



“When you speak your mind, people are attracted to that.”

“Part of creating an audacious breakthrough is getting radically clear on the result that you create – the change you want to create in the world”

“It’s not about just like, barfing on your audience all of this information, and then wondering why they don’t take the next step. They don’t take the next step, because they’re really confused about what it is you do.”

“The point with business it’s not to be liked. Like you are here to make a difference – to shake things up”

“They want to know how you can help them and then they want to know that you’re legit.”

“Storytelling is supporting messaging that establishes that emotional connection and can help push people over the edge to work with you.”

“But you know, our message is meant to be consumed by another person. And yet we’re trying to do it in a vacuum, and that’s not the best way to create strategic communication.”

“When we’re heads down in our business, we sometimes forget why our work matters because we’re just doing it every day. And we don’t see how it matters or how it makes a difference.”

“We’re always saying brilliant shit, and we just don’t remember it.”

“Words matter, right? Like they have energy. They matter. They can make people feel something and I think we just overlook them and the power that they have.”



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